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Beautiful Living Room Inspirations

Beautiful Living Room Inspirations

A living room is a perfect place to spend your times with your family. But there is not easy to crate beautiful and comfortable living room. By this 4 beautiful living space that is many style showed up here like design of sofa, table, furniture, wall decoration, color combination, curtain, etc. The design gives some inspiration for your home, remodeling, and improving your house interior design. Just check this picture out.

Modern Home Interior Design Using Concrete and Steel from

Modern Home Interior Design Using Concrete and Steel

The luxury concrete and steel modern home interior design was designed by the international award winning interior design firm Garrett Cord Werner LLC. This contemporary small house built in the 1930s in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The site is situated on a hilltop, overlooks the city of Seattle that gives amazing views. The architect was redesigned this old house by request from the owner where is the owner wanted to keep the shell and entirely refurbish the interior design, rather than split down and start new. And beside that, it is successful combine of Mediterranean style doorways and tile roof with sleek, muscular modern interiors.

Decorating Your Home for Valentine's Day Add a Dash of Romance to Your House for the Holiday of Love

Decorating Your Home for Valentine's Day

Add a Dash of Romance to Your House for the Holiday of Love

most people celebrate Valentine's Day, which is traditionally a holiday that features flowers, chocolate and cards. But what are some unique ways to incorporate the romance of Valentine's Day into your home decor?

Keep It Simple

One does not need to cover the home in rose petals and heart-shaped boxes of candy to give an effective nod to the holiday of love. Choosing one area to decorate is a great way to recognize a holiday season. Think about your front door, dining room table, a mantel or a kitchen table to add a decoration 'from the heart.'

choose and Reuse

Of course, fresh flowers are always one of the most gorgeous ways of decorating the home for Valentine's Day. But when they die, it's sad, and then they are gone forever! Consider instead a silk flower arrangement that can be used from year to year, or a silk heart-shaped wreath to decorate the front door. Major home retailers like Target and Walmart have decorating sections for Valentine's Day that include decor that can be reused every year, which is an economical and environmentally friendly approach.

Light It Up

One of the easiest, most simple approaches to decorating the home for Valentine's Day is the addition of candle light to your home. Whether it's a bag of red tea lights scattered on windowsills, tables and other surfaces or three large red pillar candles on the dining room table, adding candlelight and the romance that accompanies it is a wonderful way of celebrating the most romantic of all the holidays.

Gifts from Nature

Whether you live in the country or near the woods, if you have a nature walk of any kind nearby, it's often possible to choose from nature's bounty to add a dash of romance to your home. Go for a walk and see if you can find a few branches of holly with bright red berries, or even if you have a Nandina bush nearby you can collect a few handfuls of its gorgeous red berries. A simple vase filled withcrimson berries would be a beautiful addition of the holiday's most popular color.

Other small Valentine's decorating touches for the home could be a pretty crystal bowl of heart-shaped Sweetheart candies, a collection of empty heart shaped candy boxes, silk rose petals on a table runner with pretty candlesticks, or a few heart-shaped frames...of course with romantic pictures inside!

Mexican Decor For Home Decorating from

Mexican Decor For Home Decorating

Home decorating isn’t as difficult as you may think and getting acolorful and unique look with Mexican decor in your home should be a breeze if you know what furniture, accessories and colors to include. Below are a few approaches on how you can transform your home to have the colorful style of Mexico.

Apply spicy colors like red and cobalt blue for the tones in your Mexican style home. Once you have painted, make sure you keep a paint card that has the exact colors you used. You can take the cards with you when shopping for accessories and furniture and you can match the colors perfectly to the card.

In the home, look at accessorizing with paintings and knick knacks as well as furniture. You want to end up with a cheerful style with wormwood or pine furniture. Careful selection of furniture and accessories will add interest to your Mexican decorating scheme.

Your Mexican decor project should pay attention to colorful tiles and pottery for adding flavor to the room, but you also must think about the windows, walls and floors. Window treatments for the Mexican decor should be artsy. Try enhancing your windows with colorful curtains, iron or wood treatments. Once your windows are looking wonderful, your walls might be boring. For wonderful wall decor, you could try hanging Mexican pottery plates in scrolly plate hangers and racks.

Lighting is a vital element in any home but a lot of people don‘t take the extra effort to make sure their lighting matches their decor. For a Mexican interior design, you want to decorate with lighting that is wood or iron with colorful shades or colorful pottery or iron.

Your floors are a big part of you room so it makes sense that you should have flooring to balance your decor. Large pottery tiles look great with the Mexican look, but hardwood floors can also be good. Adding area rugs to your home can add ambiance as well as comfort and soften the look. What you should keep in mind for your colorful and unique look is stenciled mats or woven rugs which you should plan to buy in reds, oranges and cobalt blues.

For some finishing touches which will help accentuate your décor try colorful Mexican pottery on shelves and tables or wrought iron accessories displayed here and there as well as worm wood decor, stone fountains, and cacti to tie together your design style. For a softer style add pillows that have colorful ethnic prints and don’t forget some house plants.

Spicing up your home with Mexican décor can be a great way to get a new look and if you plan it out professionally it will be fun as well as easy. Simply buy the accessories on your plan and put them in place – your room with have the feeling of Mexico before you know it!

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