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Indoor plumbing has moved beyond just being a modern convenience to a necessity. You home's plumbing system is important to maintain so that you can avoid any unpleasant mishaps.

Whether you have completed some plumbing repairs in the past or are attempting your first job, you'll find the tips in this section to be helpful. There is information here about adjusting the water level in your toilet, adjusting the water heater temperature, and finding a good plumber.

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Adjusting the Water Heater Temperature
One of the easiest, though slightly annoying, jobs that you can do around the home is adjusting the temperature of your water heater. While it may not seem like much, by adjusting the water heater temperature, you can actually save a lot of money on your monthly utility bills. Here's how you do it.

Adjusting the Water Level of a Toilet
Knowing the correct way for adjusting the water level of a toilet can help you in a surprising number of ways. Whether you have a running toilet, a leak, or a just looking to cut back on your water bills, fiddling with the water level in your toilet will have a huge impact.

Adjusting Water Heater Temperature
Adjusting the temperature of your water heater is as easy as moving the dial of your thermostat. The difficult part is finding a temperature that everyone in the household finds comfortable. Keep in mind that water can burn at temperatures higher than 150 degrees and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

Diagnosing Plumbing Pressure Problems
One of the biggest causes for a grumpy morning is the sudden loss of water pressure during a shower. If you find yourself faced with sudden plumbing pressure problems, take some time to diagnose them. Diagnosing plumbing pressure problems is relatively easy, and can help you save a lot of money in plumbing repairs. Here's how you do it.

Finding a Good Plumber
As anyone who has ever had any plumbing work done can tell you a good plumber is worth their weight in gold. Here are some simple steps that anyone can use to help them in finding a good plumber before the next home crisis happens.

Fixing Leaky Pipes
Fixing minor pipe leaks is not a labor-intensive chore. The worst part of the job may be that you have to fit into tight places such as a crawl space, inside of a wall, or under the kitchen sink. If you've determined that you have a minor pipe leak, follow these steps to fix your leaky pipe.

Installing a Pop-Up Drain
If you haven't already got a pop-up drain in your bathroom sink, then you need to think about installing one. Installing a pop-up drain is a relatively easy plumbing project that even a novice can complete in less than an hour. All you need to do is follow these instructions.

Insulating Your Plumbing
Even if you live in a mild climate and don't experience cold winters, you can insulate your plumbing and save energy and money. A simple task to complete, insulating your plumbing can help your water heater work less. Follow these tips for insulating your plumbing.

Keeping Your Pipes from Freezing
If you've ever experienced the aftermath of frozen water pipes, then you've probably already taken measures to ensure that it will never happen again. However, if you're a new homeowner and need to winterize your home, follow these guidelines and suggestions to keep your pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Winterizing a Hot Tub
Improperly shutting down your hot tub for the season can ruin an expensive investment. Most people should call a professional to winterize their hot tub, but if you think that you can handle the job yourself, follow these steps for winterizing your hot tub.

Winterizing Exterior Water Faucets
While you're putting your garden hoses away for winter, take the time to drain and turn off your outside water faucets, too. While you can easily replace a burst garden hose, the same cannot be said for replacing a burst water pipe. Follow these steps for winterizing your exterior water faucets.

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