Monday, October 20, 2008

Eric Leong and His Casa Impian / Profile

The popular interior designer, Eric Leong was born in Kluang, Johor and completed his education in Johor and Singapore. He holds 2 major academic qualifications - Degree in Business Studies, and later Degree in Interior Designing.

He has been collecting home-decor magazines since his youth time, and often become a ‘consultant’ to his mother, suggesting improvements here and there for their house.

He rose to prominence soon after starring in Casa Impian - which today has become the household name of interior designing and decorating industry in Malaysia. Casa Impian is the county’s first and most popular interior design make-over show. In the show, Eric display its magical touch by transforming plain, boring looking space into area of breath-taking look and feel. The show has continued for more than 6 seasons, and in later development, the show was re-branded as Deko Bersama Eric.

Eric has the capability to produce design of distinguished styles that include contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, English-style, Oriental, Indian and tropical. He continuously shares his tips and wisdom such as how to make wise fabric selection, upholstery, mix and match and floral arrangement that reflects the lifestyle and interest of the house owner.

What sets him apart from other designers is his ability to throw challenges which may seem daunting for many but consistently rises to occasion. He is given only 8 hours to transform or make over the selected participant’s houses, but his expert combination of flooring selection, painting, lighting and decorating skills allow him to deliver stunning results. Best of all, those selected for the make over do not have to pay a single cent! He certainly knows how to make people happy.

Additionally, Eric also writes periodically for popular magazines such as Home Pride, Anjung Seri, Impiana and Living Taste, sharing his over 15 years of experience in the design industry. He believes that well arranged and decorated space is not only good for design, but it also helps to become an ‘agent of healing’. His article entitled “Healing Space” was recently featured in Health Today, the widely popular international health magazine. What we see today in Eric’s overwhelming success is only a small part of his colorful life. Like many other successes, he also has his period of ‘darkest days’ too. In 1999, his first interior design business that he co-built with a friend collapsed thanks to the infamous Asian economic crisis. Eric had to face a series of hardship that include being chased by the vendors and contractors, and was put into a deep crisis of debt. He toiled and worked hard to settle his problem and only after 5 years he managed to get out from his financial difficulty. Life of Eric Leong could not have been better since.

5 tips for decorating your Kids' Room

Creating a room for your baby can be an enjoyable labour of love with a long-lasting impact. Here are some helpful stress-free decorating tips to consider for your infant's room:

1. Always keep your child's safety in mind. Be sure to check out safety guidelines before implementing any design idea. Use ICI Dulux Paints for their 100% mercury-free and lead-free formula that keeps your infant safe

2. Use your hands! Paste large stickers, put up your own shelving and sew your own bedsheets for the little one

3. Paint walls with a colour that will last through future updates in furniture and accessories. Turn the page for suggestions on colour schemes.

4. Try to future-proof your decorations and furniture. For instance, use furniture that can double as toddler beds, or try out room design themes that can last beyond the first years of infancy
5. Use clear colours that allow easy coordination with toys, accessories and future additions such as study tables. Come for some suggested colours you might want to consider.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Garden Style By Penelope Hobhouse

The design and planting of fine gardens is an art best learnt by example. Inhis book, uses some of the finest gardens in the world tohow how to lay out and plant formal, patterned, natural and flower examples range from, California,ith its spectacular curving staircase and rectangular pool, to theekyll-inspired planting of white foxgloves in the wild garden atnightshayes, Devon; from the excitement of the summer flower border atontrancart, Dieppe, to the simple greeness of a garden room at La Pietra inuscany.;But this book is more than a tour of beautiful gardens. Penelopeobhouse informs, advises and inspires on every aspect of garden design. Shexplains how to relate a garden to its setting; the importance ofstablishing a proper structure, whether as an end in itself or as a backdropor decorative planning; and how to create a successful small garden. Thesehemes are balanced by in-depth portraits of more than 20 gardens, someamous like Great Dixter, Villandry and Giustry, other less known and

More details

Garden Style

By Penelope Hobhouse

Published by frances lincoln ltd, 2002

ISBN 0711219877, 9780711219878

216 pages

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