Monday, May 12, 2008

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sapa yang tak kenal eric kasa impian,seorang yang botak dan kepalanya penuh dengan inpirasi untuk menghias rumah sesiapa sahaja yang dia inginkan,saya adalah peminat beliau yang boleh dikatakan no 1 di Malaysia kerana apa sahaja yang eric ingin lakukan ketika menghias rumah saya pasti akan meminatinya,ini ada sedikit cerita mengenai eric,

Eric Leong a Kuala Lumpur-based stylish and bold interior designer. Eric born in Kluang a small town in Johore states (the south gate of Malaysia) and was raise in Johor Bahru the state capital of Johore. He completed his formal education in Johor Bahru and furthers his study in Singapore. Eric holds two major qualifications in both Interior Design and Business Studies.

With his cheerful, helpful and happy go lucky character Eric has gained his title as the “Malaysia most favorite interior designer”.

In 2001 Eric started his interior design make-over show – Casa Impian (Malaysia first interior made-over TV show and

currently running its 6th season.) he managed to showcase his magic touch on an ordinary interior space and transform them into the breath-taking space thus once again Eric gained another title - “Raja Hias” / “the Design King” of Casa Impian.

Eric celebrates his '15th Year Anniversary' in the industry this year.

Di sedutan yang akan dating saya akan menceritakan banyak lagi cerita tentang kehidupan eric,

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Raha said...

Malaysia prouds to born you as a talented designer n most of Malaysian knows you..even my 5yrs old kid can mention yr name correctly.i am one of yr fan n keep track on yr tv show.u give me an inspiration to deco my casa.i want much more n more fresh idea from u.keep it up n look forward to yr most cheerish tv program.

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